About Instinct Games

Founded in 2011, Instinct Games is Egypt’s leading game development studio. Here at Instinct Games we aim to develop and produce high quality games on all major platforms utilizing our competent team.

Our dream is to build the video game development ecosystem in Egypt to set precedence by creating unique high quality games with worldwide appeal.

Core Team

  • Mostafa Hafez
    Mostafa Hafez Founder & CEO

    Mostafa got his career started in 2002 when he co-developed the Reality Engine  (which was eventually sold to Epic Games) and has since worked and directed multiple video game studios such as Artificial Studios & Timeline Interactive.

  • Mohamed Seif
    Mohamed Seif Development Manager

    Mohamed Seif graduated in 2005. Since then he has held many positions teaching, developing and leading and managing different development teams. Seif has managed several game development teams including the teams at Timeline interactive and Instinct Games.

    • Muhammed Yusuf
      Muhammed Yusuf Principal Programmer

      Yusuf has been writing games since he was ten (in BASIC). Later he moved on to C++ writing a few open source Linux games and contributing to other open source projects. He then created his 3D game engine as a graduation project and started his professional career.

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